Cristina Gallardo Art

Wrenn’s guide to the modern world and it’s cities

A rule book supplement for Dungeons and Dragons

Lo Marraco Festival. When Autumn is about to begin, the children of the city of Nayox dress up and organize companies of explorers, looking for the first fallen leaf. When it is found,they all have a party in which apples of all kinds are eaten, and they worship Lo Marraco, a dragon that is said to protect the city from all danger.

The project

Wrenn’s Guide to the Modern World and its Cities is a rules supplement book compatible with D&D 5th Edition, in which you will find everything you may need to set the mood and complement your games in any city.

The everyday life

The whole book wanted to expand the detail around the daily life in a D&D city.

We depicted ourselves as D&D characters to introduce the team in an appealing way.


Wrenn's guide to the modern world and it's cities


Concept artist


November, 2020

WGMWC is a rules supplement book compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, in which you will find a huge amount of resources to set your games in all kinds of cities. Shops, defence systems, guilds, politics, commerce, skills, classes, narrating aids… And much more!